Sa’aliyas Ranch at Pacific High School


Ventura Unified and Ojai Unified School Districts have combined forces to create a certified organic farm facility that will provide high school students with cutting-edge agriculture vocational training. Sa’aliyas Ranch will also host K-8 student groups so that they too can experience STEM-related projects and activities and gain valuable insight into Ventura County’s agriculture industry.

Sa’aliyas Ranch will consist of an indoor classroom and lab, an outdoor classroom, exciting ag technology, and real organic crops that are representative of the most important fruits and vegetables that are grown in Ventura County. On the property will be a berry hoop house growing blueberries and strawberries and a greenhouse with an advanced aquaponics system. Our growing sections will nurture many different row crops, including 300 avocado trees and 200 citrus trees, as well a neighborhood community garden.

Sa'aliyas Ranch Architectural Plans

Sa'aliyas Ranch
Architecture Plans

About the Name

Indigenous people have inhabited the coastal regions of southern California for at least 11,000 years, and the areas around Ventura were home to the Ventureño band of Chumash Mission Indians.

In their native language, “Sa’aliyas” means “on the path,” which seemed an ideal name for this new facility. It not only acknowledges the original stewards of the land where we will farm, but also represents the educational and vocational pathway that students will be on as they explore careers in agriculture. This wonderful metaphor illuminates a foundation in science education and examination, as well as a cultural and historical appreciation of this lovely place where we live and learn.